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    Shrouded Tales 2: Revenge of Shadows Game Download Free

    Evil Razaroth imprisoned his brother and terrorizing entire city with his dark shadows in Shrouded Tales 2: Revenge of Shadows PC Game! You are the only one who could stop him! This time Friendly Cactus prepared unique story. You are one of four Barons of Havenwick. Today Barons received garbled distress call. There are four cities within that area, so each Baron is going to visit one of the potential sources of the message. Elizabeth, your mother, will visit Lamia, you will go to Volarden, Archibald will go to Bastimone and Alexander will visit Kertyzar. There, in Volarden, many dangers are waiting for you. Razaroth, evil mage, defeated his kind brother and took his shape using Shapeshifter ability. Now hes ruling the Volarden instead of his brother, wreaking havoc and destruc


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